Signing up for coaching means saying that you want the personalized, in-depth experience of one-on-one work. Well done, you! I can’t wait to get started helping you to solve your problems, get where you want to go, or figure out what you can do next.

How it works

You can get me on your team in a couple of ways, depending on your needs. Most popular are packages of coaching sessions (typically 3-5), but you can also purchase sessions individually.

To start, you’ll fill out an Assesment Map, which is my trademarked assessment tool that helps identify the top three growth opportunities for you regarding your self-leadership.

Next, we make a plan that will take us through the following sessions and lead you to the rest of your life. We’ll figure out what needs to happen so you can move forward without second-guessing yourself, removing the aspects of your life that diminish you and making decisions that will help you succeed at what matters most. From there, anything is possible.

These are our typical coaching packages, just to give you an idea. We also love customizing, so don’t feel limited by these offerings. Just fill out this form and let us know what you’re thinking.

MOXY Coaching

MOXY Coaching exists to help 20-somethings figure out what is next in life. Graduate school? Move back home? Starter job? Find yourself? Travel the world? This point in life can feel so fragile and loaded – it’s hard to separate choices from consequences. If I choose to travel for a year now, will I regret not going to grad school? Should I jump into this great job opportunity right now just because it may never come again? How do I know if moving back home is the right decision? Michele can help you make a plan that works for you now while also putting things in place for your future.

BALANCE Coaching

BALANCE Coaching is for women who feel overwhelmed by it all……getting married, starting a family, finally getting your career going………life. Whether you are looking at marriage and kids as something happening soon — or maybe never — making decisions about life can feel scary when you don’t know what the future holds. Should you invest all your energy into building your career? Or maybe now is the time to step back from working so much and spend time pouring into others? Work with Michele to regain sanity and feel more in control of it all.

FOCUS Coaching

FOCUS Coaching helps women who are ready to hit their stride and take the next step, whatever that looks like. When is the right time to go back to work after kids? Maybe you feel like you’ve hit a wall with work and you think you might need to be open to doing something completely different. What would changing careers look like at this stage? How do I pursue new directions when I don’t know where I want to go? Michele will work with you to craft a solid strategy for success that takes all of you forward with peace and purpose.

LEGACY Coaching

LEGACY Coaching gives women an opportunity to give back. Are you looking for a place to invest your time and resources? Maybe you’ve dealt with many of the questions above and are now in a more open space, able to impart some of what you have received to others. You’d like help figuring out the best places to plant your seeds and make a difference in the world. You have tons to offer and you are committed to putting yourself where you can do the most good. Michele will assist you in identifying the best opportunities for you to share what you have.

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