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My Alphabet Of Right Now

I feel like my posts over the last few moths have been pretty status quo, so in the spirit of spring here’s a lighter post that describes the “alphabet” of my life at this moment. Inspiration: Lindsey Mead’s post on The Alphabet

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Showing Empathy To Yourself

  Hi, my name is Michele, and I over-function. Among other things, this means that when I have to face some hard truths about myself and can’t see myself as a victim of others, I step in and judge myself –usually as harshly

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A Fresh Start for Relationships

Thank you for the feedback on my last post. It’s great to know that the suggestions for key phrases to say in a stressful moment resonated with so many of you. I’ve seen them work in so many different environments

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Making Peace

Conversations can be like trains travelling along tracks. They seem to be proceeding along fine and then something happens- a little shimmy, a little shake, and then no one can say exactly how or why or when but suddenly the

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Be Still

I once had a coaching client who hated the way she acted in certain meetings. She felt like she always talked too much, got over-invested in whatever was being discussed, became strident and inflexible no matter what. She knew she

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Spider Love vs. Real Love

My older son is in love. First love. Nicholas Sparks novel kind of love. My younger son just started junior high, so we’ll be on this road of navigating romantic relationships for a while. I was recently reminded of an

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If I Could Turn Back Time

Much of my work involves helping people and organizations (which is really just a group of people) through times of change and transition. When you think about how ceaseless and inescapable change is, it’s helpful to see how almost anything

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Help me, Obi-Wan

A friend recently mentioned to me that she had hired an executive coach for her business. She’s super excited and it seems clear that even before she has gotten to do much work with her coach, the effect of committing

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Carpe the Coffee

A few weeks ago I had coffee with a former student. You may think this happens all the time; there are hundreds of former students and coffee is everywhere. And yet, not so much with the all the time. Whenever

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A week ago Friday, I was sitting in my car in a high school parking lot waiting for my son to get out of soccer practice. There were probably 20-30 other parents sitting in their cars; a few were standing

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