My Alphabet Of Right Now

I feel like my posts over the last few moths have been pretty status quo, so in the spirit of spring here’s a lighter post that describes the “alphabet” of my life at this moment. Inspiration: Lindsey Mead’s post on The Alphabet Of Right Now here .

Appetite- I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting lately. Stop eating at 7:00 pm and eat again at 10:00 am. It’s been super interesting to see how it affects me- I still LOVE breakfast, I just love it a little later now.

Books – Always and forever, my first love. This week I finished reading The Goal for a new work project, and now I see constraints everywhere.

Crown- We just started binge-watching The Crown on Netflix. Super interesting and we’re learning stuff too!

Davis - My happy place. I’ve been missing it lately. Road trip may be in order soon.

Enneagram- It took me a few years, but I am now a fangirl of this hundreds-of-years old model of the human psyche. Since finding out my number in January (I’m a 6), my eyes have been opened in a new way to how my “type” — skeptical, doubting, anxious — affects every. single. choice. I. make. It’s been a journey to extend grace and healing to myself as I seek to do better with what I know now; that I am safe, that I am not without resources or guidance.

Florrick- I watched The Good Wife before we started The Crown, and after 7 seasons I felt pretty connected to the main character, Alicia Florrick (played by Julianna Margulies). We are very different; she’s an atheist lawyer with an open marriage and I’m….not at all, yet I can relate to her in some ways. She’s a driven, professional woman and mom with great taste in clothes but (sometimes) bad hair. Also, I’m Team Will all the way.

Girls Weekend - Annual trip coming up next weekend and  I  c a n n o t  w a i t.

Here If You Need Me – A GREAT memoir that I’m reading now. It’s the true story of Kate Braestrop; a chaplain in Maine, mom of four kids, and a widow. Triumphant.

Introvert - Always trying to convince people that yes, I am. Really. I really am. Really. Yes, really. Yes. Really.

Jewelry - I ordered some necklaces online last week. When one orders online, one can order 5 necklaces very quickly.

Kristin- It was my dear sweet high school friend – and fellow alto-  Krissy’s birthday so the girls went out for sangria and chips last week. Good times celebrating her and laughing like fools in public. Where did the last 27 years go?

Lacrosse- Our new family sport. Jesse is loving the game and we’re enjoying learning the (few and confusing) rules.

Moving- My mom just moved and it was rough. People seem to consistently underestimate the amount of time, energy and emotions involved in moving. Major source of stress and decision fatigue.

Nephew- Mine is the cutest 20 month old ever. He was at my house for about 9 minutes on Easter Sunday before he threw up on my table, and I still could not love him more.

One to say yes, two to say no. A business article I read recently positioned this as a decision-making model. When front-line employees make a decision, say whether to give extra blankets or juice on an airline flight- it should take one person to decide if the answer is yes. If the answer is no, then it should be agreed upon by two (or more) people, for validation. I think this could also apply to parenting.

Paint- I’d like to repaint the inside of my house. I have a hunch it will change the world.

Quiet- There’s never enough in my life. See: Introvert.

Radical Candor- Another great book I read recently. Favorite line: “It’s not mean. It’s clear.”

Shattered- The book I can’t wait to read next, about Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

Theatre-  Sam and I are making the rounds of all the spring High School plays. It makes me joyous to see him love what I love(d), and also nostalgic for what a meaningful difference theatre made in my formative years. How fortunate I was, to have the friends and opportunities that I did.

Unfair advantage- My friend Lisa asked me last month: “What’s your unfair advantage?” I’ve thought about it every day since. Do you know what yours is?

Vacation- This is the time every year when I start wishing our vacation was in June instead of July. I always think there’s no way I can wait until July. But then I do.

Women- I heard a conference speaker say recently: “If you ask a woman to pick between work and home, and she picks work, then that’s the end of civilization. So you need to figure out a way for your company to support work-life balance.”

X-Ray - I got an X-ray of my hip last month. Good news, nothing wrong that a foam roller can’t fix. Getting old can be a literal pain.

You Tube- I watch a lot of YouTube, for work and also because teenagers. This is a good 3 minutes:

Zinc- Chris has been sick for a while now. Lots of zinc and echinacea floating around our house currently.

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